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4 star hotel in South Corsica

Away from the hustle and bustle of Porto-Vecchio's tourist spots, this 4-star hotel in South Corsica offers you a very appreciable proximity to the emblematic places of which the old town abounds and gives this region the famous reputation of an ideal seaside resort with its white sandy beaches which have nothing to envy to those of the Indian Ocean.

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Santa Giulia Beach


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A 4 star hotel in South Corsica in the heart of Porto-Vecchio


Located only 15 minutes' walk from the heart of the city, this 4-star hotel in South Corsica is the perfect alternative to escape the city's vibrations and give a more peaceful meaning to your leisure time.

The Costa Salina hotel will make you appreciate the hidden treasures of this small Corsican town.

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The pleasures of city life just a few steps from the 4-star hotel in Porto-Vecchio

Strolling among the wonders of Porto-Vecchio
The freedom to walk around

This pearl of southern Corsica invites you to rediscover the small and great pleasures of a stroll through the heart of its old town and citadel. Through its dazzling beauty, you will enjoy strolling through the narrow cobbled streets lined with brightly coloured shops and restaurants and bars that compete in innovation to seduce you. Just a few steps into the city and you'll feel like you're really somewhere else. The Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, the Genoese gateway, the Bastion de France whose panoramic terrace offers a 360° view of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, provide a delectable introduction to this not-to-be-missed event offered by this 4-star hotel in southern Corsica.

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A 4-star hotel in South Corsica, a stone's throw from heavenly beaches

The beaches

How to describe Porto-Vecchio without evoking its white sandy beaches and its silver sunrises. It is a breathtaking scene, they follow one another, take turns, compete in natural beauty, the competition is tough. The beach of Santa-Giulia, a strip of fine sand in an arc that extends into the crystal clear waters in the heart of a preserved nature.

The beach of Pinarellu and its famous tower which offers a multitude of activities. The beach of Palombaggia, at the top of the classification of the most beautiful sites of France, which offers you a lagoon with turquoise waters. The beach of Cala Rossa, jewel of the commune of Lecci. The beach of Rondinara, bordered by pine trees and reddish rocks. The beach of Tamaricciu, offering a splendid view of the Cervical Islands about 200 metres offshore. San Ciprianu beach, a white sandy beach with red rocks and translucent waters... the list is not exhaustive and the coves and other creeks near this 4-star hotel in Corsica-du-Sud will never cease to amaze you.

An invitation to escape from the 4-star hotel in Southern Corsica

Forest & Mountains

The walks around Porto-Vecchio are among the most beautiful and varied in Corsica. In the mountains or by the sea, for a stroll or a trek, there's something for everyone. Above Porto-Vecchio, there's a change of scenery: the relief quickly gains in altitude, and this is the domain of the Corsican mountains, the Alta Rocca, with its scents of nature and its eternal serenity, with magnificent views over the sea. Here are a few ideas and tips from the Costa Salina hotel:

The summit of Punta Vacca Morta, a little effort, with some steep passages, is the price to pay to appreciate the most beautiful viewpoint over the bay of Porto-Vecchio. The Alta Rocca massif, the Piscia di Gallu waterfall trail, a must-see site with an impressive waterfall at its peak in spring. The Aiguilles de Bavella, another emblematic example, rewards your efforts with magnificent scenery all along the way. Zonza and Quenza via the paths of the Alta Rocca, two authentic villages offering a refreshing break on a terrace. The Rondinara hike, if you just want to stretch your legs, this excursion is suitable for everyone, young and old, as the degree of difficulty is low. The Fautea tower, combining the pleasures of walking and swimming in a protected Natura 2000 site. The Cavu river, probably the best known, is very pleasant and refreshing, photogenic with its polished rocks, a real paradise .... Not to mention the Ospédale river and forest, the Oso river, the Solenzara river and many other photo opportunities, because as they say in Corsica, every turn is a new photo opportunity.

Move around Porto-Vecchio freely from the Costa Salina hotel

A Citadina

Popular with locals and tourists, "A Citadina" is the ideal way to get around during your holiday in Porto-Vecchio. This electric city shuttle passes within walking distance of the Costa Salina hotel and provides a link between the marina and the town centre. The evening service runs every 15 minutes. This means of transport, which is particularly useful at the height of the season, encourages environmentally-friendly travel and fits in perfectly with the sustainable development strategy to which the Costa Salina hotel is deeply committed.

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